BONES Comic Con Full Panel 2014 

The Full Bones Panel at Comic Con 2014.

#Bones Panel at #SDCC Part 2 

Bones Panel Part 2 at Comic Con 2014

#Bones Panel at #SDCC 2014 Clip 1 

The Bones Panel at Comic Con 2014

Emily Deschanel Bday Vid 2014 

Project: Emily’s Bday Video 2014

Runners: @DeschanelDevotd

Due by: 6th of October 2014



Details: Okay so it’s that time of year again (Yes we know we have Couple Months but we want everyone to get involved and to give people as much time as possible). So as we do every year we are putting together a Bday Video for Emily but this year we want it to be a bit different. There are many ways you can get involved:

1: Submit a Video of you saying ONE Thing you LOVE about Emily. (We want them to be as different as possible so message us before you make your video just in case someone else has your word)

2:We know Emily has Fans All Around the World and many of you have your own mother Language so we want people to sing Different parts of the song "Happy Birthday" in your own Language. So video yourself singing it in your Language and then send it to us. It’s only a short song and we want to get as much different Languages as we can so get in fast :)

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To Emily

Happy Birthday To You


Emily takes some of the most Amazing Pictures so what we want you to do is take a #Selfie that’s Inspired by a Picture of Emily. It’s up to you what kinda Picture and yes you can be as Creative as you want. Just Have Some Fun with it :)

Here’s an Example:



We know there’s some people who are Video Shy but still want to send a Bday Message to our Emily so you can do a sign with a message to Emily, take a Picture and Send it to us. (You can be holding the sign or just the sign it’s up to you :) haha)


Okay we also know that there are some completely camera shy fans out there but would still Love to be apart of this Bday Project, never fear we have a way for YOU to participate as well haha. You can either Tweet, Email or Private Message us your Bday Message to Emily and we’ll add it in :)

As you can see above we have many ways for you to participate in this years Bday Project, you can do one of them or even all of them it’s up to you. We would LOVE for all her Fans to be apart of it she deserves the World and this is just our way of showing her how much she means to us all. So PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD and GET INVOLVED!

If you have any questions the best way is to tweet us (@DeschanelDevotd) or email: :)

P.S The Finished Product will be posted on our Youtube: and we will Tweet the heck out of it :)

Thank You,

DeschanelDevotd Team.

Emily Erin Deschanel. Fox TCA Party 2014.

Emily Erin Deschanel. Fox TCA Party 2014.

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#BTS Emily and Sunnie Pelant. S9 Season Finale (via Sunnie’s Instagram)

#BTS Emily and Sunnie Pelant. S9 Season Finale (via Sunnie’s Instagram)

Emily Deschanel recalls her Law & Order: SVU Spot. 

#ThrowBack to Emily Deschanel on SVU in 2002.